Flexispy: reliable software in mobile tracking

FlexispyThe program called Flexispy is a powerful, successful application for iPad password cracking. Besides, flexispy is an experienced product, so it performs the required monitoring features. In the following flexispy review we will describe the main characteristics and the interface of the app. For your information, the mentioned bellow Dashboard or Control Panel is a place in you spying account where you, being logged, will be able to monitor, manage and store the data from the target phone you will be spying on.

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Compatibility of Flexispy extreme

flexispy extremeThe discussed version of the flexispy application is compatible with the majority of popular cell phones and operating systems. But it would be better to check how it works on various phones before usage, because the smartphone software can be not updated one. Remember that flexispy will not work and safe the required info without decent Internet connection.

Before installation of the flexispy software, you are obligated to jailbreak the iPhone or other Apple device. When it comes to the Android smartphones, the similar process is called rooting, and it is obligatory as well. Only after jailbreaking of the applephones and rooting Android devices you will get the opportunity to install flexispy extreme for the mobile activity tracking. You are now allowed to download and install the hacking apps on the devices without jailbreak or rooted operation system.

Latest updates of August 2016

flexispy updatesThe newest version of flexispy is supported by the latest versions of the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and so on. We advise you to check the software updates of the target phone before you will apply flexispy for hacking it in order to get maximum benefits from the app.

Peculiarities of flexispy software

The app has a few versions of the subscription. The premium version of flexispy you will be provided with an access to the monitoring of SMS, apps’ messages and chats. You can view the call lists and address books of the target smartphones using this version of the software.

The extreme version of flexispy subscription is provided with even more number of spying features and options. With this version of the software you can crack the phone password. Also there is an option of overhearing and recording of the live calls, saving the received info on your flexispy account storage. You can monitor the surrounding using the access to the phone microphone as well. In this flexispy review you will get the full information on the app and its features and usage, as well as on our pricing policy, so keep reading.

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Access and monitoring of the social and other instant mobile messengers with flexispy

Flexispy software not only affirms, but also performs the claimed features for real. It is claimed that this app can provide you with an access and all possible data of the most popular messengers like Skype, Snapchat, iMessege, Twitter and others.

For more specific flexispy features it worth mentioning the ability of camera usage for spying purposes. Using the FaceTime hidden call you will get the control on microphone and camera and monitoring abilities of real-time surrounded world. You should not worry about you being discloses, and flexispy makes it undetectable for user to disclose our spying activity and hides the required for spying calls and other.

flexispy monitoring software

So, with the assistance of the checkspy.com services our users can easily view messages of the target smartphone of any platform without concerns about being disclosed. Our app is safe in usage and provides you with a feature manage not only the stored device info, but also the trashed things via the settings of your spying account.

Profound Spying

As you can see, flexispy reviews claim that the software can not only record the target calls, but also track the call details and surrounding information. It is the only right choice to catch the conversations in any possible versions and apps. Besides, Flexispy Company is the only provider of the unique dependable spying services. So beware of the other similar services who claim to provide you with spying assistance as well. But their software will be just a republished copy of previous old versions. Only flexispy make efforts to provide users with new but still useful services and options.

The appliance of the software

This review was written by our experts only after they have tested the all spying features of the application. The app is functioning properly while using it on the jailbreak or rooted devices. The good internet connection is essential for decent performance of the spying features. So, before applying of the flexispy software, make sure that the target phone possesses a good mobile connection or WiFi nearby. You require this in order to collect phone data and store it on your own computer or device.

It is recommended to play the received data from the target phone using VLC or Windows Media players in order to open the particular data format. To monitor phone calls in real time the user should be provided with a three-way-call feature. You can check this feature in you mobile operator settings and activate it if needed.

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More Useful features

Moreover, you will be provided with more than just snooping options. The flexispy provides its users with more specific spying features and abilities in order to get more hidden information about people they care about. So capture the following:

Alerts and keywords – with this feature you can set the alerts in case the target phone number of e-mail address is used. Or you can use scanning feature in order to manage whether the certain words were used for search purposes. For example, if you are spying on your kid, you may set the words like drugs or alcohol as keywords and view whether your kin is looking for the inappropriate materials in the Internet.

  • blocking Feature – monitor and manage the applications being installed on the target smartphone and block their activity by your choice. Or even uninstall it in a remote way;
  • keylogger – you will be enabled to capture passwords, login info and other similar data from the target phone. Thanks to this feature you can view and store the data of the social media usage;
  • location tacking ability – using GPS you can be informed with the location of the target device and, of course, its owner. The correct GPS setting and monitor the location you will be able via app’s special dashboard. To get the required information, you will need to set the particular location boundaries – the supposing area where the target device user can be, or the restricted one, where he or she is not allowed to be. Set the needed locations using Control Center.

The settings of the mentioned options vary in dependence on the subscription version. The premium one performs the basic settings while in extreme account you will be provided with advanced service settings for your convenience.

The pricing policy of the service

The profound and basic features are performed by various versions of flexispy software. There two types of subscriptions:

  • Premium pack;
  • Extreme pack.

The premium pack performs the basic features of the software like tracking phone calls and viewing text messages. You can monitor and store the received info as well as browser history. The GPS tracking feature is also available. You will get access to the social network activity as well.

The Extreme pack provides users with the same unique features, but allows particular settings of them.

The prices for three-months subscriptions will be 99$ and 199$ respectively. Check out the discount offers as well.

For new users it is advised to buy one-month subscription first in order to make sure the app is right for you. Long-term subscription will be suitable for those, who want to be aware of the children or spouse activity in long-term perspective.

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Why it is the best choice?

However the main advantages were described earlier, it is worth to remind and highlight some of them.

  • Usage of this app will undetectable for the target phone owner;
  • Safe and dependable service, available worldwide;
  • Antivirus overcoming abilities;
  • User friendly interface;
  • No traces of your activity on the target phone;
  • Usage of one subscription for multiple devices;
  • Dependable clients’ support.

Services and support for customers

Flexispy service is dependable one. We care about our users and provide them with our assistance even after they have paid all the necessary fees. So here we have full-time client’s support via live chat or e-mail. We provide this support also for our prospective users in order to perform the extra info about the app and help in the installation and authorization process. On the app web-page you can also find a plenty of info about service and its appliance. The site is multilingual, so people can find out for about the app worldwide.

Refund policy means 10 days refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction according to the terms and conditions.

The Preview of FlexySPY application

For sire, the Flexispy app can be called the best versatile spying option. It is applicable for both smartphone and table monitoring purposes. You will be provided with call, message, surrounding and location data via usage of this software. It is suitable for monitoring your children, Spouse or Staff activity. The features of this spy program are unique and dependable. With the extreme subscription you will be enabled to set additional searching and monitoring parameters.

The pricing policy varies depending on the subscription type and the desired term of usage. It is up to user what to choose considering individual requirements and purposes.

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